4 camera CCTV package £600 fully supplied and fitted


Considering having a CCTV System

installed at your Home or your Business  premises?


We Offer a Professional friendly service

  • We Only Install high Quality  HD-CCTV The latest technology with 100% reliability
  • Live streamed remote viewing on your mobile device anywhere in the world
  • Full infra Red HD Night vision crystal clear pictures in dusk or total darkness
  • 2 Year Guarantee on all installations with on going technical support
  • Easy to operate and totally secure encrypted Cameras & NVR (network video recorder)
  • High Picture Quality meeting legal standard for admissible evidence
  • 24/7 Live Recording offering total coverage and security with piece of mind



Our EZVIZ category contains a range of simple to use products designed to protect and automate. The range includes detectors and cameras which all integrate with each other and offer easy app based control.

• Easy to use and app controlled (EZVIZ app)
• Alarm sensors and cameras that can work together
• Cloud storage options






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